Offers for schools

In general we provide our materials and experiences for free. If you are interested we visit your lessons and show pictures or discuss certain topics with your students. If possible we can organize the visit of Tanzanian guests in your school or your lessn.

If you want answers to specific questions for your lessons we gladly transmit your requests to our interns in Tanzania. This way you can promptly receive texts and pictures concerning the everyday life in the Kilimanjaro area for your lessons.

We also offer guides to our Tanzania exhibitions, where it is possible with Tanzanian guests as well.

If a school wants to dig deeper in the subject they are invited to take part in our network meeting. There we coordinate our visits and encounters, accept suggestions and connect different networks in order to support each other.

Moreover all network partners  are cordially invited to join our Tanzania partnership that has been existinig since 2003. This means to keep contact that we organize and to work together with a school in the Kilimanjaro that we construct and obtain with our local partners.

If a school wants to enter a partnership with a Tanzanian school beyond that we gladly help to work as contact persons.

Last but not least RAFIKI has only recently purchased nine FairTrade trainers. These were developed in cooperation with our partner BiBeKu GmbH. They are a diverse addition and visualisation for lesson units and project days and students can come to know topics in the range of sustainability in an attractive manner. The trainers include convenient visual material, some movies and books round off the units.