2012 Rafiki Dancing Group

Oliver Zantow

(Translated by Mary Ruraya Klosterhof-Schule)

It’s not an exaggeration to say, that the encounter visit from this year was the most successful, that we did until now . We met new people and came together with old friends. It came  to content work by network meeting  and  conversation. Many new people were reached by the choral performance.

Education work/ school partnership

Oliver Zantow

We visited nine diffrent schools in Schleswig-Holstein. That was the RBZ Wirtschaft Kiel ,RBZ Steinburg  in Itzehoe, Hannah-Arendt-School  in Flensburg, Gemeinschaftschule Lehmwohld in Itzehoe, Gemeinschaftschule in Bad Segeberg, Gemeinschaftschule Kellinghusen, schools in  Heikendorfand the Großhansdorf like the primary school in Kellinghusen. We spoke with the students and also with the teachers, about the action days, how they can learn and  many more.

We visited the Christian-Albrechts-University Kiel, aiming on the meeting  were many of students, Professors and scientist came.

We wanted to convey the information about Tansania in the German schools, so we made the presentation with  the things that we took from Tanzania.

In the private education facility of the  BiBeKu GmbH we worked together with trainees and trainee.

Furthermore,we have as part of our series of "food experience", when it comes to sustainable consumption,carried out an event dedicated to coffee.

In this event our guest that are also coffee farmers in kilimanjaro attended integrated.This event led to the decision that kellinghusen will be a,,Fair Trade town “. This decision was made.

More conection in the community level was in Duisburg like in Hvide Sande in Denmark.Also  led more possibility to work together.

At the end we would say that the visit for the next trainee and trainees, was a good opportunity for those who wanted to travel to Tanzania, to get contacts.


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