Constitution / Satzung

§ 1

The association RAFIKI e.V., based in Kiel, pursues exclusively and directly non-profit purposes within the meaning of the section "Tax-privileged purposes" of the Tax Code.

The association sees itself as a support association of the KIUMAKO Educational Center. The purpose of the association is also to support the education and training work of the training institution KIUMAKO, to carry out educational work within the meaning of the ESD (Education for Sustainable Development) and to promote cooperation with German partners.

The purpose of the statutes is realized in particular by

            l regular contacts and visits from both sides.

l raising funds and financing for the establishment and operation of the

      KIUMAKO Educational Center as well as the financing of education

      young Tanzanian through scholarships.

l Public relations and educational work in the sense of the ESD.

            Activities that inform about everyday life in Tanzania.


§ 2

The association is selflessly active; he does not pursue primarily self-economic purposes.



Means of the association may be used only for the statutory purposes. The members do not receive payments from the association.



No person may be favored by expenses that are foreign to the purpose of the corporation or by disproportionately high remuneration.



(1) Members can become: natural and legal persons.

(2) Membership must be requested in writing. The board decides on the application. Grounds for refusal need not be communicated to the applicant and the applicant.

(3) Membership is valid until the end of the current financial year. It is extended by one year if it is not terminated with a notice period of three months to the end of the financial year. The cancellation must be made in writing to the board.

(4) Membership ends

(a) by termination at the end of the financial year

(b) in the case of an operating assignment by a member

(c) death of a member

(d) on the opening of insolvency proceedings on the assets of a member

(e) if the member fails to meet his or her contribution obligations

(f) by dissolution of the association.

(5) In the cases of (4) no. A), b), d) and e), the obligation to pay contributions continues until the end of the financial year.


Section 6

(1) The association finances its activity by amounts of its members as well as by

     Donations, grants and other benefits.

(2) The contribution is due at the beginning of the financial year.


Section 7

Organs of the association are

a) the board

b) the general meeting



(1) The Board consists of the 1st Chairman and the Vice-Chairman.

(2) The Executive Committee is elected by the General Assembly every two years and remains in office until the new election. Re-election is permitted.

(3) The chairperson and the deputy chairperson represent him both in and out of court in all association matters.


Section 9

(1) Every year at least one ordinary general meeting takes place.

(2) It shall be convened by the Board by sending an agenda. The invitation period is two weeks, the invitation is in writing, unless a member has expressly waived and agreed to receive the invitation by e-mail.

(3) Each member has one vote.

(4) The Assembly has a quorum if properly invited. Resolutions are passed by a simple majority, unless otherwise stipulated by the Articles of Association. Amendments to the statutes are approved by the general assembly with a ¾-majority of the members present.

(5) The Annual General Meeting shall be required to submit a report on the past financial year. It must be explained the income and expenditure account of the previous financial year.

(6) The Ordinary General Meeting shall decide on the discharge of the Executive Board; it must appoint an auditor or auditors for the coming financial year to be heard prior to the decision on the discharge.

(7) The executive committee may convene extraordinary general meetings as required with a notice period of three weeks. An Extraordinary General Assembly must be called by the same deadline if 1/3 of all members request it.

(8) A record must be made of each general meeting to be signed by the head of the general meeting and by the secretary or the secretary.


§ 10

(1) The dissolution of the association can be decided by the general meeting only with a majority of at least ¾ of the present members.

(2) If, in accordance with the provisions of these statutes, the dissolution of the association is claimed