Weltwärts (“towards the world“)

Since September 2012 we are offering four positions for volunteering within the federal program “weltwärts” in cooperation with the sending organization “JiA Jugend im Ausland e.V.” From 2017 the sending organization is Jugendrotkreut Westfalen-Lippe (Youth Red Cross). The volunteers work and do projects all around the KIUMAKO Secondary School.


The tasks are very diverse and versatile. You assist as an IT- or English teacher, participate in the expansion of the school and offer smaller free time activities after school to support the access to work with young people. Those extend from sportevents to art and musicprojects.

Teaching assistance

One of the volunteers’ tasks is to support the teachers at KIUMAKO while teaching as well as implementing smaller subjects and clubs. This year for example there’s a computer club, English and German lessons as well as a Geography and Maths club. In the so called “parents’ school” there are offers for adults who are taught basic knowledge in handling IT as well as simple English by the volunteers. Depending on the interests of the volunteers they can continue the classes or implement their own.

Afternoon activities

Even in the afternoon there are several clubs offered by volunteers at KIUMAKO. These range from a diverse sports portfolio (rugby, soccer, gymnastics, dancing) to a range of creative offers (art, sewing and music) and a youth club where kids cook together, play together, help each other with their homework, plan excursions, theme nights and sports events. Apart from that there is a school garden which was created in 2014 where the volunteers grow vegetables with the students. Here again the volunteers can introduce their own hobbies and include new ideas.


In the context of a healthy diet for Tanzanian young people the volunteers help cooking the school lunch. This traditionally consists of “Ugali” (corn mash) and beans. The volunteers take care of more diversity and vitamins.






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