We depend heavily on donations in order to extend the school until termination, but also to purchase teaching material.

Apart from that we want to enable children that often come from very poor families in the region to visit the (private and thus quite expensive) Secondary School by supporting scholarships. In this context it’s important to know that the Tanzanian government is dependent on private schools and their Secondary School places but they don’t support them at all – neither financially nor by providing teachers. The KIUMAKO Secondary School is property of the Tanzanian Lutheran church but there’s no financial support from this side.

Donations to RAFIKI e.V. are always welcome!

Bank account:

IBAN: DE57222500200040023003  


Sparkasse Westholstein

And of course, it is possible to issue a donation receipt. Please contact our treasurer Werner Kaufmann for this (familiekaufmann(at)


Another way to help is fundraising by organizing activities such as collecting of returnable bottles, charity runs or material donations.

To collect returnable bottles the set-up of a box or container with a note referring to the financing of lunch for schoolchildren in Tanzania will do.

Another activity like the charity run can be organized in cooperation with schools or sports clubs. For this big, central places are suitable as venue.

Apart from monetary donations also material donations for the people in Tanzania are being collected and passed on. Material donations can be numerous items from the household as well as sports equipment or medical materials. The material donations are being collected in the area “Lager und Logistik” (stock and logistics) of the BiBeKu-JAW Steinburg located in Oelixdorferstr. 2 in 25524 Itzehoe