In February 2002 the project days of the at that point Ludwig-Erhard-Schule took place. One of the offered projects was about “fair trade” under the heading of “one world”. A “World Shop for fair trade" was visited, there was information about the importance of Transfair-products and there was a discussion with the responsible state minister Klaus Müller.
At the end Helmut Krieg from Heikendorf talked about the charity projects in the Kilimanjaro area which have been initiated by the parish of Heikendorf for many years.

In the sequel the idea of a school partnership with the region Mrimbo was developed.

During a “SCHILF”-Day (Schulinterne Lehrerfortbildung = school intern teacher training) in June 2002 a group of students of the Ludwig-Erhard-Schule dealt with the emerging partnership and developed ideas and suggestions for the approach of the topic in teaching. In late summer 2002 Loveland Makundi (at that point manager of the KIUMO vocational centre) and pastor Panga (spokesman of the KIUMO-Board) visited the school. They were guests in Heikendorf with their delegation. The cooperation should be intensified. Both of them invited to Mrimbo to visualize the situation in detail. From this time on Oliver Zantow kept close e-mail contact to Loveland Makundi.

In September 2003 the first visit in Mrimbo took place. Ulrike and Rainer Kroggel as well as Andrea Belitz and Oliver Zantow travelled to Tanzania and stayed there three weeks. Together with members of the KIUMO-board the partnership was officially established.

In summer 2004 a workshop for teachers took place in Mrimbo. Nicole Hegedüs, Kathrin Pielsticker, Oliver Zantow (all of them worked at the Ludwig-Erhard-Schule) as well as Andrea Belitz took part in it. Andreas Schweitzer took care of the KIUMO-computers at the same time. He built up a network and implemented a crash course with teachers and students from the secretary class at KIUMO vocational center.

At the end of this encounter journey the Tanzanian friends asked directly for help to build a new secondary school. Elimsu Towo, Gilbert Towo and Oliver Zantow had a look at the considered property. It was bought and with the building of the KIUMAKO Secondary School a whole new chapter in the cooperation was opened.

In June 2005 the first visitors from Tanzania came to Germany. The African guests stayed at the youth centre Kellinghusen and go on several excursions with their hosts, for example to Hamburg, Berlin, the “Hallig” (small German islands) Nordstrandischenmoor, the chalkpit Saturn as well as many enterprises in the region.

In October 2005 the next encounter journey took place, this time students from the Ludwig-Erhard-Schule went to Tanzania. Among other things they took part in the formal laying of the foundation stone at KIUMAKO Secondary School. The building was from then on whenever possible supported by Germany, first of all from the regions Kiel and Kellinghusen.

In 2006 the association RAFIKI was founded that from then on is in charge of all activities concerning the partnership. That means RAFIKI e.V. has been a registered non-profit association since 2006.

In May 2009 a workshop under the heading “Singing Africa” takes place with seven Tanzanian friends to inform about the life and traditions in the Kilimanjaro area. Apart from that students of the University of Kiel developed an exhibition about Tanzania with members of RAFIKI e.V.

In June 2009 the first charity race was organized in Kellinghusen in cooperation with the network partner BiBeKu (youth centre Steinburg). More than 1000 participants from different schools from Kellinghusen, Itzehoe and Kiel took part to support the construction of the KIUMAKO. This run is from then on organized annually.

In order to plan an upcoming excursion of the University of Kiel Oliver Zantow, Martin Seemann and Marcus Wack (RAFIKI e.V.) as well as Professor Hoppe and his staff member Ben Furkmann travelled to Tanzania in October 2010.

In 2010 RAFIKI was awarded in the context of the world decade of education for sustainable development by the UNESCO.

In June of that year the second charity race in favour of the KIUMAKO took place in Kellinghusen around the marketplace.

In 2011 the University of Kiel organized an excursion to Tanzania with students and professors of the Institute for Geography at the Christian-Albrechts-University under the direction of Oliver Zantow. Destinations of the group with its 42 participants were apart from Mrimbo the region Dar Es Salaam, Zanzibar, Arusha, Moshi and the Ngorogoro crater.

In summer 2011 RAFIKI e.V. as well as BiBeKu organized the third Kellinghusen charity race in favour of the school construction project.

In 2012 RAFIKI e.V. was awarded in the context of the world decade of education for sustainable development (2005-2014) by the UNESCO once again.

After 18 months of preparation students of the RBZ Steinburg installed a solar system with 18 solar panels at the roof of the main building of the KIUMAKO in January 2012.

In Kellinghusen the fourth charity race was competed with 1000 members.

RAFIKI e.V. has been an official partner organization of the sending organisation JIA – JUGEND IM AUSLAND (youth abroad) for the federal program WELTWÄRTS (“towards the world”) since 2012. In September 2012 the first deployment of two volunteers to the KIUMAKO began.

In June 2013 the fifth charity race took place in Kellinghusen. Once again several schools from Kellinghusen participated with 1000 students.

As the first European women soccer team the VfL Kellinghusen travelled to Tanzania in July 2013. They travelled across the East African country and played in Dar Es Salaam, Zanzibar, Arusha and Moshi against the local female footballers. Also, they played against the students team from the KIUMAKO School and the KIUMO vocational centre.

Four volunteers went abroad in September 2013 participating in the federal program WELTWÄRTS to work at the KIUMAKO School in Mrimbo for one year.

In February 2014 students and teachers from the network partner RBZ Steinburg went to Mrimbo for the second time. They installed additionally to the newly created cistern a  water treatment facility at the site of the KIUMAKO.

In June 2014 the sixth charity run took place at the Kellinghusen marketplace. Around 1000 students, for example of all schools in Kellinghusen, ran in favour of the construction of the KIUMAKO

In September 2014 volunteers were sent to the KIUMAKO once again with the help of the federal program WELTWÄRTS. Four young people spent one year at the school and gained experiences at more cooperating projects.

Also in September 2014, the beekeeper Eckard Ranft organized a workshop on the issue bees, honey and beekeeping at the KIUMAKO. Numerous inhabitants of the region took part.

At the end of the year 2014 the KIUMAKO received the official recognition as a Secondary School by the Tanzanian government and is called KIUMAKO Secondary School from then on.

The fourth generation of voluntairs of the federal program WELTWÄRTS started their work in September 2015. Four young girls