A school for Mrimbo

The village Mrimbo is located in the slopes of the Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. The people subsist on agriculture, grow bananas or coffee and have to sell them to a very low price. The children start school at the age of six and usually stay in Primary School until Grade Seven. For most of them the school education stops at that point due to the lack of Secondary Schools in Tanzania. To change that, the registered non-profit association RAFIKI e.V. has been building the KIUMAKO Secondary School in the Tanzanian village. Since 2004 the association has been investing much more than € 100,000 in a big two-storied building. Financial aid was given by the province of Schleswig-Holstein and BINGO!-lottery among others. In 2009 the ground floor was formally opened (photobook as PDF) and the first lessons took place. Meanwhile the school is approved by government and is called KIUMAKO Secondary School.






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