KIUMAKO Secondary School

Our association has been supporting the construction of the KIUMAKO Secondary School in Uuvo, near Moshi in Tanzania for many years. After the property purchase in 2004 the school has been built since 2005 and it is expanded continually. The construction of the school is at this point almost finished. Since 2015 the construction of a kitchen and of another building with many subject specific classrooms has begun. The construction of the KIUMAKO is mainly financed using funds of the BINGO-lottery; additionally we have - apart from many donations – received funds by the state government of Schleswig-Holstein. Also, we have supported our network partners with money, know-how and labour while constructing the school.

Since the end of the year 2014 the KIUMAKO has been officially recognized by government and the first “official” students were sent to school in the Preform One. The lessons had already started since the grand opening of the ground floor in autumn 2009 though.

The aspirated aim is the expansion and the establishment of a boarding school to enable access to children that travel longer distances to the school.

Contact for the building of the school:

Oliver Zantow


To the topics...

...School operation

...Construction of the school

...Structure of the school

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