Pedagogical concept

In our guiding principle it says:

According to the requirement of the Agenda 21 humans should be empowered to rise to the challenges of the globalizing world and to shape the world ensuring a sustainable development by education.
RAFIKI e.V. feels obliged to the aims of the Agenda 21 and it is our goal to include the contents of global learning as an inherent part of our work.”

To achieve these goals we

  •          internationalize our educational work
  •          network our work with partners both within and out of school
  •          work with target groups of different ages and living environments

International orientation:

We are committed both in Germany and in Tanzania. In Germany we are available for educational institutions as cooperation partners; we submit educational offers, provide educational material and implement public events that deal with fair trade, sustainable consumption and global responsibility according to our guiding principles. The offers should appeal to all the senses of the participants, for example by visualizing the information appropriately in an authentic atmosphere. The participants should have the opportunity to experience the subject of the event, such as coffee, with all their senses (See, feel, smell, taste).

In Tanzania the thought of sustainability is also a main focus of our educational work. We try to raise the environmental awareness of young Tanzanians, on the one hand by experiencing nature and on the other hand through the didactic content at the KIUMAKO Secondary School. In this context we organize excursions for students that on the one hand contain experience of nature and that on the other hand give reference to certain areas of environmental protection and sustainable lifestyle and economy, for example by pointing out ways of waste prevention and sustainable management and frugal use of wood.
Apart from that we work with the topic reforestation by fostering our role model: For each student who is taught at the KIUMAKO Secondary School we plant a tree. Like this we want to raise awareness for the necessity of a sustainable use of resources in general.


It is our central aim to include our commitment in Tanzania in the educational work in Germany. Because of this we work together with other educational players and we strive for the consolidation and extension of our network by cooperation agreements among others. Schools as well as Universities and non-school institutions are possible cooperation partners all alike.

With target groups of different ages and living environments:

Primarily we try to provide access to authentic information through direct contact to Tanzanians or appropriate material for all educational institutions. These may be pictures, fabrics, handicraft or everyday objects as well as raw coffee or sisal as agricultural products. The direct exchange with Tanzanians should facilitate the change of perspective on the topics of global development for the learners. In this process we work with people of different ages.

We seek cooperation with kindergarten children as well as school kids, schoolchildren or adults.

We organize events and activities both in the particular institution and in public.

We avoid the traditional frontal classroom teaching style and prefer an experience-oriented working method that appeal to as many senses as possible.