Guiding principle

According to the requirement of the Agenda 21 humans should be empowered to rise to the challenges of the globalizing world and to shape the world ensuring a sustainable development by education.

RAFIKI e.V. feels obliged to the aims of the Agenda 21 and it is our goal to include the contents of global learning as an inherent part of our work.

With our Tanzanian partners we work side-by-side on the same level. Projects in Tanzania are wished and implemented by our partners. We mobilize funds to finance the projects and we give advice to our partners. We organize encounters and our work is characterized by the principles of sustainability and fair trade. In general and first of all in Tanzania we stand up for the gender equality in our society, for example by encouraging and advantaging women in job advertisements or by encouraging women to participate equally in social life such as sports.

Where possible, we try to help Tanzanians to establish an economically independent livelihood.

To cope with the inequalities and injustices in our world great changes in behaviour, if necessary even system changes are required. By educating we want to contribute to a change of awareness because this is the base of changes in behaviour.

RAFIKI e.V. works as a non-profit organization and does not pursuit economic objectives.

With the following activities we try to achieve our aims:

  • The construction and the continuation of a secondary school in Mrimbo/Tanzania
  • The development of an educational concept based on economic success and sustainability for that school
  • By cooperating with other associations and educational institutions
  • By organizing encounter visits
  • By organizing informational events that advertise our association, our work, fair trade and sustainable methods of production
  • By fundraising to finance our projects
  • By advertising Tanzania, our association and our projects through public relations


“Freedom and equality – these are the values that we must adapt if we want to get globalisation on the right track economically and politically.”

Johannes Rau

“We all share the great challenges of our time: to secure peace, to preserve the Creation, to fight misery. Poverty anywhere constitutes a danger to mankind everywhere.”

Richard von Weizsäcker