Encounter visits and journeys are a main part of our work. Since 2003 there have been annual visits by our representatives of the association in Tanzania to ensure the cooperation with our local partners and to promote the projects. We also provide guided tours to Tanzania to show the country, its people and its fascinating nature and to provide a look behind the scenes of one of the poorest countries in the world to interested people. We have even implemented these journeys with pupils and teachers, but also with students, individual tourists and even with a full team of female soccer placers.

We are also willing to enable Tanzanians to come to Germany. Not only for the multipliers of our work but also for young people and teachers of less high-income classes of population. Since 2003 there have been annual visits of guests from Tanzania. We always try to incorporate these visits into our network so that the guests can experience as many facets of Northern Germany as possible and can set widespread impulses for educational work in Schleswig-Holstein at the same time.